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Grisse poster
Negara: Singapore
Release: Nov 04, 2018
Located in the middle of the 19th century, during the colonial era of Dutch India, the series "Grise... Lihat Detail
Cinta Itu Buta poster
Comedy , Drama , Romance
Negara: Indonesia , Singapore
Release: Oct 10, 2019
The relationship between Diah and Jun-Ho failed after being engaged for three years. When Diah lost ... Lihat Detail
Motel Acacia poster
Negara: Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , Slovenia , Taiwan , Thailand
Release: Mar 11, 2020
In the cold west, Motel Acacia is tasked with exterminating immigrants by the government through a B... Lihat Detail
Seniman bujang lapok poster
Negara: Singapore
Release: Jul 04, 1961
The film tells the story of the happy-go-crazy trio Ramli, Aziz and Sudin, and their daily problems ... Lihat Detail
Folklore poster
Negara: Singapore , Indonesia , Japan , Thailand , Malaysia
Release: Oct 07, 2018
This HBO Asia Original horror anthology series features the deeply-rooted superstitions and myths ac... Lihat Detail
Abracadabra poster
Comedy , Drama
Negara: Indonesia , Singapore
Release: Jan 09, 2020
ukman adalah seorang grandmaster yang sudah tidak lagi percaya pada keajaiban. Di pertunjukan sulap ... Lihat Detail
Final Destination 5 poster
Negara: USA , Canada , Singapore , Hong Kong
Release: Aug 12, 2011
Dalam angsuran kelima ini, Death sama di mana-mana seperti biasa, dan melepaskan setelah firasat sat... Lihat Detail
The Bridge - Season 2 poster
Drama , Crime , Action & Adventure
Negara: Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore
Release: Jun 15, 2020
A series of brutal murders, each sharing a signature MO, takes place across Malaysia and Indonesia. ... Lihat Detail
In the Room poster
Comedy , Drama , Romance
Negara: Hong Kong , Singapore
Release: Sep 15, 2015
Film sensitif dan sensual ini menarik bersama beberapa narasi yang mencakup beberapa dekade, mereka ... Lihat Detail
Pendekar bujang lapok poster
Negara: Singapore
Release: Mar 21, 1959
3 friends want to become warriors. Ramli, Aziz and Sudin wanted to learn Silat from an expert, Pende... Lihat Detail
Macabre poster
Negara: Singapore , Indonesia
Release: Oct 08, 2009
Macabre, international title for Rumah Dara (Indonesian title), and in Singapore titled Darah) is an... Lihat Detail
Dangerous Liaisons poster
Drama , Romance
Negara: China , Singapore , Korea
Release: Sep 27, 2012
Dangerous Liaisons is a Chinese film by Hur Jin-ho based on the novel with the same title by Pierre ... Lihat Detail
Beyond Skyline poster
Action , Adventure , Horror
Negara: UK , China , Canada , Indonesia , Singapore , USA
Release: Oct 20, 2017
A tough-as-nails detective embarks on a relentless pursuit to free his son from a nightmarish alien ... Lihat Detail
The Amazing Race Asia poster
Adventure , Reality-TV
Negara: Singapore
Release: Nov 09, 2006
The Amazing Race Asia 1 is the first season of the reality television game show The Amazing Race Asi... Lihat Detail
Folklore: Nobody poster
TV TV Movie , Horror , Thriller
Negara: Singapore
Release: Oct 28, 2018
A Pontianak is awaked when a foreman and a construction worker attempt to bury the body of a dead gi... Lihat Detail
A Land Imagined poster
Drama , Mystery
Negara: France , Netherlands , Singapore
Release: Feb 06, 2019
A lonely construction worker from China goes missing at a Singapore land reclamation site, and a sle... Lihat Detail
Pop Aye poster
Negara: Singapore , Thailand
Release: Sep 06, 2017
On a chance encounter, a disenchanted architect bumps into his long-lost elephant on the streets of ... Lihat Detail
Ah Boys to Men 4 poster
Action , Comedy
Negara: Singapore
Release: Nov 09, 2017
The fourth addition to the franchise sees the return of the army boys including Sergeant Ong, Lobang... Lihat Detail
Long Long Time Ago 2 poster
Comedy , Drama
Negara: Singapore
Release: May 22, 2016
Zhao Di takes over her family farm with the help of Ah Long after the 1969 floods. After the governm... Lihat Detail
Homerun poster
Drama , Family
Negara: Singapore
Release: Aug 07, 2003
A remake of the award-winning Iranian film Children of Heaven, Homerun is a drama about two poor sib... Lihat Detail
Serangoon Road poster
Crime , Drama , Mystery
Negara: Singapore , Australia
Release: Sep 22, 2013
Serangoon Road is a detective noir series set against the tumultuous backdrop of 1960s Singapore.... Lihat Detail
We Not Naughty poster
Comedy , Drama
Negara: Singapore
Release: Jan 19, 2012
Sebuah film tentang tumbuh di Singapura, yang berfokus pada kehidupan dua keluarga di mana anak-anak... Lihat Detail
Macabre en Pointe poster
Drama , Horror , Thriller
Negara: Singapore , Indonesia
Release: Aug 02, 2014
A struggle between a painter and his work.... Lihat Detail
Siew Lup poster
Romance , Thriller
Negara: Singapore
Release: Feb 23, 2017
Mia, an ex-prostitute, is trapped in a loveless marriage with the abusive Quan (Sunny Pang, who also... Lihat Detail